Why Continue to feel Guilty over something that can be Healthy


About Us

Josh and Nicole Hoffman founded Go Bananas Frozen Yogurt in 2011 and went completely bananas over their business venture, opening a total of 3
locations by fall 2012.  Knowing what it takes to open and run your own business, they have decided to franchise the concept in other communities.
They have a strong desire to help others enjoy the pride of owning their own business and contributing to the local communities across the U.S. by
continuing their brand expansion beyond their own three operations.

Why Choose Us

A year round, healthy and family fun activity, there is a demand for this business in many markets. We have established our distinctive branding and
store design, our own flavor profile and topping selections with a system designed to encourage sampling and a loyal customer base with regular, repeat
visits from our customers, truly becoming a part of the local community in your town.

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