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How much money can I make?

The amount of money an individual franchisee can expect to make will vary depending upon a multitude of factors.  Go Bananas Frozen Yogurt does
provide a financial performance representation as Item 19 in our Franchise Disclosure Document, which all qualified candidates receive during the sales

What kind of training and support will I receive?

You will receive 10 days of training in our Bucks County operations covering the marketing and sales system, managing inventory and ongoing supplies,
working with vendors, on-site operations, food preparation procedures, bookkeeping & record keeping as well as managing your team. We review the
process from starting your day, fresh preparation of ingredients, opening for service, cash management and closing out at the end of the day. We commit
to continued support of you and your Go Bananas Frozen Yogurt retail location with regular communication, coaching and counseling, helping you build
your business into a trusted brand name in your exclusive territory.

Do I need to have a background in frozen yogurt or ice cream operations?

No, we will provide you with the system and the training to open your Go Bananas Frozen Yogurt franchise, hire staff, manage inventory and prepare the
menu items, from the standard offerings to promotional limited offerings and seasonal features.

How do I attract customers?

Go Bananas Frozen Yogurt has established a proven Marketing system, with sampling, couponing and on-site demonstrations of the Go Bananas Frozen
Yogurt menu items available.  As a Go Bananas Frozen Yogurt franchisee, you will have a listing of your location on our website where you will
manage your local promotions, seasonal options and share in the benefits of the online and social media presence we have already established.

We will help you establish a grand opening marketing plan, provide support in generating public relations buzz and work with your local advertising outlets
which will help your Go Bananas Frozen Yogurt location be seen by potential customers.

How much is my franchise fee and what is included?

The franchise fee is $25,000.  Included in the fee is an exclusive territory, which is protected for a two and a half mile radius around your store
in suburban areas; in urban areas, your territory radius may be smaller. Within that exclusive territory, you will have the rights to use the Go Bananas
Frozen Yogurt brand name, operating systems, logo, trade dress, comprehensive training program and ongoing support.

The first 5 franchises awarded will have a discounted initial franchise fee of $15,000.

What are the ongoing fees?

You will be required to pay royalties at a rate of 6% after the first three months.  The first three months royalties will be a reduced rate of 4% to help
minimize start up expenses. You are also required to pay a 1% fee to support a brand development fund. Both fees are paid weekly and are based on
Gross Sales but exclude sales taxes assessed by local agencies.

What are the financial qualifications for a Go Bananas Frozen Yogurt franchise candidate?

We require a minimum of $200,000 net worth and $75,000 in liquid capital.

Is financing available?

Go Bananas Frozen Yogurt Franchising does not offer direct financing, however, we have developed 3rd party relationships that can help qualified
franchisees obtain the funds needed for inventory and business start up expenses.

What type of facility and equipment do I need to open my location?

You will need a retail food-service location based in a strip mall, on a suitable “Main Street” or even a college town shopping area. There are many retail
building sites that would be ideal for your Go Bananas Frozen Yogurt location. You will need to fit out the interior with our specified equipment including
frozen yogurt machines, refrigeration, service counters, lounge area tables, chairs and couches, and a point-of-sale computer for processing and collecting
cash and credit card sales. We do require a retail space with adequate back-office area for management of finances, bank deposits, ordering inventory and marketing. You will utilize the front counter, food preparation and back office areas to mentor your employees in providing excellent customer service
and coaching them on the importance of organization and a focus on food quality.

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