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Let Go Bananas help your organization raise money and have fun while doing it!

Whether you are a local school, team, charity, church, synagogue or organization, we can help.

All options can be customized and held as either a fundraiser for your organization or as a discount to your group’s families.

Discounted gift certificates:

  • Pre-purchase gift certificates from us at a discount
  • Sell them at face value
  • Your organization keeps the difference as profit

Hold a fundraiser at Go Bananas:

  • Let us know what day or days you would like to hold the fundraiser
    Pick 1 day, a weekend, the first Monday of every month, after games/events etc. and which Go Bananas location(s)
  • We will help create a flyer for you to distribute to as many people in person or via email
  • We keep track of sales and a percentage of the total sales will be donated to your organization
  • We can arrange for raffles, a table to be set up to display your organization’s items or a fun activity while in store
  • Perfect for school clubs, sports teams or non-profits

Arrange a fundraiser after your event:

  • Pre-arrange a fundraiser or group discount for stopping by Go Bananas after your school’s concert or dance, your team’s sports game, your church’s play or your synagogue’s performance.

Have Go Bananas at your event:

  • Purchase discounted pre-made cups of yogurt and sell at your event for a higher price
  • We have a variety of cup sizes and can provide as many toppings as you would like

Have Go Bananas sell yogurt at your event:

  • A Go Bananas team member will bring pre-made cups of frozen yogurt in a variety of flavors, along with a variety of toppings to sell at your event.  Cup size, flavors, toppings and selling price to be determined based on the event.
  • Your organization keep a portion of total frozen yogurt sales
  • Perfect for sports tournaments, family school events and fundraisers
  • Inside and outside set ups possible

Store tours:

  • Go behind the scenes, eat yogurt & have fun while receiving a group rate for your class, girl scout troop, cubscout/boyscout group or summer camp
  • Combine this with a canned good collection or other charitable act for a great fundraiser

Go Bananas Coupons as Rewards:

  • We can provide coupons/certificates to teachers as a reward for their students, to non-profits for their most loyal volunteers or to coaches for their teams

Contact us for more information and to schedule your event: Call (215) 919-3239 or email josh@gobananasfrozenyogurt.com

Richboro: 1057 Second Street Pike/ Southampton: 516 Second Street Pike/ New Britain: 430 Town Center