Why Continue to feel Guilty over something that can be Healthy

New Menu

  • Self-serve frozen yogurt, soft serve ice cream and sorbet

12 flavors of frozen yogurt and sorbet
Includes no sugar added, gluten free, non-dairy and non-fat options
More than 80 toppings
Includes a variety of fresh fruit, candies, cereals, sauces and seasonal selections

  • Gourmet Ready to eat cookie dough in a variety of flavors

Available as a topping or as a set price on our new menu.  Choose a cup or cone, pick your flavors and toppings

  • Hand scooped water ice and water ice novelties

Mix with frozen yogurt for a gelati

  • Frozen yogurt pies

Start with a graham cracker crust
Pick your favorite frozen yogurt or sorbet filling
Pick your favorite toppings and sauces

  • Frozen yogurt quarts to go
  • Frozen yogurt party packs

Choose any number of frozen yogurt or sorbet quarts and add your choice of
toppings in our 6 ounce to-go containers

  • Premium hot coffee, tea and hot chocolate in a variety of flavors
  • Assorted cold beverages